The Next Generation of Motorcycles is Here

Ascend combines breakthrough battery technology with industry-leading safety features to deliver the ultimate two-wheeled driving experience.


Two wheels, unlimited possibilities

Our cycles take your farther than you ever thought possible.

380 lbs

The power of a streetfighter in an unprecedented lightweight body.

200 miles range

Take your bike anywhere, without exceptions.

Instant Torque

160 ft-lbs of torque at your finger tips, no gears or clutch needed.

Rear End Prevention

Peace of mind to keep the rubber side down.

Keyless Ignition

No more keys to carry around and forget everywhere.

Blind Spot Detection

Proximity sensors have got your back.

200 Horsepower

Pretty much more than you'll never need.

32-inch Seat height

Superbike acceleration with naked bike ergonomics.

120 miles highway

Roadtrip anywhere you'd like without the range anxiety.

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